Yay! My latest Avon order arrived in the post today. Excited to test out these new skincare treats.

I ordered two products from the planet spa ‘new fantasticically firming’ range. The first product I brought is the body cream which is meant to firm the look of skin and improve elasticity. The second product I ordered is the body polisher which luxuriously exfoliates skin and improves the micro-circulation for a smoother, more polished glow.

Both products from this fantastically firming range are scented with Columbian coffee bean extract. A real treat for the skin! xox

http:// http://avonshop.co.uk/shop/search.asp?find_spec=planet%20spa%20fantastically%20firming


Revlon Parfumerie


Trying the new Revlon scented nail polishes in these gorgeous colours called “African Tea Rose” & “Orange blossom”. The Revlon Parfumerie scented nail collection is made up of 20 shades including both classic and trendy colours, each revealing a different fragrance when the polish is dry. I brought these products from my go-to fave cosmetics store Boots (retail price is normally £6.49 but there is currently a deal to save £2!!!). I Will put up a review post once I have tested…

http:// http://m.boots.com/mt/www.boots.com/en/Revlon-Parfumerie%C2%99-Scented-Nail-Enamel_1450732/