Hi, I’m Siobhan, a 19 year old Blonde Shopaholic & pink obsessed girl from Hastings, East Sussex.

I started my blog about 2 years ago as I wanted to share with you all my love for fashion! However if you was a regular follower then you might of noticed that I haven’t posted in over a year now.

Unfortunately I am now one of many sufferers living & trying to recover from anorexia, body image dismorphia & depression. I have been ill for nearly 2 years now. Originally my blog was going to be focused on fashion but I would now love to share with you all my story & my long on-going battle with anorexia. My aim is to help raise awareness, to hopefully inspire people and to let you all know that there is help out there!

So for all of my current & new followers this is just an update of the year I’ve had… Last summer, in August 2014, I hit my lowest weight ever of 5.5 stone & weighing roughly 35kg. I was basically dying and I would fast for up to a whole week. I was really dehydrated and I could hardly walk around, I would spend most of the day in bed. When I did decide I wanted to eat it would be a small bowl of Jordans tropical cereal but afterwards I would feel so guilty and I would cry and then fast again!

In September 2014, it was decided that I should be admitted into an eating disorder unit so I’ve now been staying at the Priory hospital Hayes Grove for the last year. Unfortunately I was unable to get better myself so as from October 2014 I have been held in hospital under the mental health act on a section 3. I have been through so many ups and downs. I have been restrained and force fed via an ng feeding tube because I was very depressed with my body image.

I was recently discharged from Hospital on the 22nd of September 2015, but it was decided that I would have to be put on a CTO (community treatment order). I was discharged at a weight of 53kg with a  BMI of 18. The last 10 days have been a tough battle with anorexia & depression but I am determined to keep on fighting. I was last weighed on Wednesday and I had lost roughly 1.5kg and if I loose more weight next week then they might consider re-admitting me into an eating disorder unit (fingers crossed I haven’t lost weight).

That was the story about the last year of my life and on the blog I will be sharing with you all updates, my story & on-going battle with anorexia. Also I hope to inspire and help people who are going through similar things that I’m going through…

Much love, Siobhan xox

P.s. You are all beautiful on the inside and out


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